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Hey all! Welcome to the first blog post of Favoured Weddings. I am super excited to finally have a website and socials all up and ready to go. If you haven't yet, go give all of my pages a follow! Links are posted below.

To give everyone a little extra information about me; I am 22 years old and originally from Bowie, TX. I graduated from Bowie High School in 2014 and from Tarleton State University in 2018. I currently live in Weatherford, TX/the entire US with my love, Chase. We are on the road from April-September while he rodeos and we are home October-March for the winter. It is a crazy, hectic, stressful lifestyle, but we LOVE it.

After the "dreaded" stage in life when it seems like ALL of your friends are getting engaged and having babies while you're stuck on the sidelines, I got the pleasure of planning weddings alongside my friends and family members as they got ready for their big days. I realized after the rush of weddings how much I loved the planning, organizing and individuality of each person that I got to help, as well as how much I loved this work. So after much thought and prayer, Favoured Weddings came to be! Favoured Weddings is meant to be so much more than a wedding planning service; it is a company that represents and should be an example of the love between God & his children and the way that that love is reflected upon each other. I want nothing more than to make your wedding day a day that you will never forget, and I promise that I will do whatever it takes to make it the best day of your life!

Make sure to keep following the blog! I plan on updating everyone on all of our adventures as well as where I get to do my work from. Let me know if there is any way that Favoured Weddings can be of service to you!